Introduction to a Conscious Relationship

What Is a Conscious Relationship?

Just as it implies, a “Conscious Relationship” is one where each of us stays conscious. That means staying present within ourselves as well as conscious and responsive to our partner’s inner world as we move through life experiences together with our hearts open and connected.

In a Conscious Relationship this connection is sacred. Something magical happens when you feel connected within your Self and truly open and connected in your appreciation and love with your partner. You can always tell when you are fully present together, and when your hearts are truly open to each other. Just as you can tell when your partner has contracted inside, shut down or distant, as when people go unconscious in the relationship.

This is why it is important for couples to gain the awareness and skills that will enable them to stay fully open and conscious, so they sustain their innocent connection within themselves and with each other.

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Gaining Self-Awareness Is The Key