Self-Awareness Is The Key

Gaining Self-Awareness Is The Key!

Gaining self-awareness is the foundation of a Conscious Relationship. If we are unconscious of the forces and pressures in each other’s inner world that distance the other, no wonder we trigger each other and become righteous when those inner pressures conflict. Isn’t that what an argument is?

And if we lack understanding of the core needs and sensitivities in our partner’s world, how will we be able to consciously align to and respect what matters to each other when our worlds inevitably clash? How will we thrive over the years together if our core needs are not met in the relationship?

But how would we be expected to make sense of someone else’s inner world? After all, people certainly are different. And typically we are drawn to someone as a life partner whose personality is fundamentally different than ours. This is because the different natural gifts in their persona complement us, expand us, and are meaningful to us in our personality.

However, this also means that the partner brings into the relationship different core needs, sensitivities, insecurities, inner pressures and imbalances in their personality. And it is when those clash that tensions arise and couples begin to have a hard go.

In lacking these shared fundamental awarenesses of what is really happening inside, when tensions arise no wonder partners feel righteous and will blame the other. That can’t be good for the relationship. Over time, blaming and arguing typically results in emotional distance, and can leave resentments in their relationship.

Gaining these new shared awarenesses together of each other’s inner world enables us to stay conscious and aware of the inner pressures and sensitivities affecting each of us in the relationship. So we both are able to recognize and own them whenever they emerge, instead of unconsciously and freely act them out. Or stay stuck in denial about them. Staying unconscious, no wonder relationships can be difficult.

Couples find that these shared awarenesses and the safe conscious frameworks for resolving differences can change everything. Now nothing goes underground. Tensions and pressures are recognized and harmoniously resolved instead of building up inside, or unconsciously acted out. So couples find that instead of blindly defending their insecurities, they are safely resolving them together when they emerge.

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