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The Conscious Person Book Series

In this series there are three primary books. Note that Volumes I and II are companion volumes. Each is incomplete without the other.

This Volume I is the Foundation of This Series

Volume I
The Conscious Couples Relationship

A New Orientation of Self-Awareness, Skills & Tools for Deepening Love & Safely Resolving Conflict – Based on the Spiritual & Inner Enneagram

This is the fundamental book in this series. It introduces a new paradigm in understanding relationships and each partner’s inner world. These new dynamics came into view as a couples therapist working with partners in relationships over thirty years. And they have generated the newly emerged Inner and Spiritual Enneagram system which forms the basis for this knowledge.

As each partner opened up in sessions, the inner forces reflected in each of the Enneagram personality types were uniquely consistent. People of the same type shared the same inner gifts, core ego needs, underlying sensitivities, and the same patterns of imbalances in their personality.

These systematic discoveries provided a new, wholistic understanding of each person’s inner world. And of the forces that affected the success or failure of their personal lives and their relationship.

Over these years it also became clear that each personality type’s unique gifts were exact expressions of their individual spiritual nature. The Spiritual Enneagram emerged providing for each person an individual road map in their growth to Wholeness within.

In these discoveries, four fundamental dynamics emerged that determine one’s well-being and success in their personal life and in their relationships. Each section of this book includes exercises to apply those dynamics specifically to you, and your partner, and for all of your important relationships.

Lastly, the self-awareness and understandings that partners gained generated a completely New Orientation for Safely Resolving Conflicts together. Instead of arguments, with these new understandings and tools, differences, tensions and upsets become a safe opportunity to resolve the source of the tensions and attachments that become triggered within each other.

Knowledge is power here. For individuals and couples. Self-awareness is the basis for one’s success in navigating life – both in their relationships and for their individual growth.

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The Conscious Couples Relationship
210 pages, (e-book) Instant Download — $7.95

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Volume II
The Nine Profiles of the Inner & Spiritual Enneagram

A New Paradigm of Inner Self-Awareness & Growth To Wholeness

This is the necessary companion volume to Volume I as it contains the comprehensive profiles for each of the nine Enneagram types. Each profile averages forty to sixty pages.

It is based on the discoveries of the Inner Enneagram and the spiritual nature of each of the nine types in the Spiritual Enneagram. Together they generate the essential dynamics that are expressed in each type’s inner world.

Each of the nine profiles provides a blueprint of the total personality of each type. It identifies the essential gifts that express the unique spiritual nature of each type, the specific core needs, sensitivities and insecurities, and the pattern of imbalances that can show up in each personality type.

Most importantly, in working with couples, each profile provides a roadmap of what specifically each type needs to become aware of in order to grow and become a whole person.

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The Nine Profiles of the Inner & Spiritual Enneagram
393 pages, (e-book) Instant Download — $9.95

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Book III
Natural LoveMaking

Learn How to Transform “Sex” into Innocent & More Fulfilling LoveMaking

Innocent and fulfilling lovemaking is an important dimension in a committed relationship. Lovemaking, as opposed to just “sex,” can open partners up to levels of intimacy within themselves and together that nourish their souls and their relationship together.

One of the most important things I have learned in couples relationships was the entirely different fundamental dynamics between “having Sex” and Making Love. As it turns out, the unconscious goals of each are different. The process itself that unfolds is qualitatively different. And most importantly, the source of the energies that actually generate their experience are fundamentally different between the two.

Even though these inner dynamics are not understood, partners can tell the difference when it is just “sex.” Certainly most women can. You can tell when the experience with a partner is goal oriented – to “turn each other on” in order to reach a climatic release. It is not about the innocence and experience of making and expressing love.

Alas, it is this unconscious preoccupation towards “sex” itself that will actually overshadow and prevent opening up to something far more intimate and exquisite to naturally emerge. And people can tell the difference.

Of course, the pleasures from eliciting in one’s imagination these ‘sexual turn on’s’ can be intense, but it is all happening in the person’s head! These ‘turn on’s’ become fantasy substitutes for the Real Thing.

That is why it does not matter so much who the partner is, as long as the partner turns them on by doing things that stimulate those memories and fantasies. It can even be someone they don’t even know – a prostitute or erotic photos on the internet can do that!

But that is not making love. It is when one fully opens up their heart and body in their connection to love that they open up to and unleash sublimely transcendent “life force energies” that are far more exquisite, far more intimate, and essentially unifying of their very inner Selves together.

From boys to men, males tend to be brought up to pursue these ‘turn-ons’ as the source and goal of their sexual arousal. Gender speaking, it is the feminine that tends to be wired to make love – an intimate experience of the fundamental union of their hearts and bodies and souls together. A process that depends on a real heartfelt connection together.

The more “in love” together, the more fully they relax and the more deeply they each can open up. And the more fulfilling and more rapturous the energies that are unleashed. For it is these intimate energies that unify their hearts and the souls.

Clearly, the experience of just “sex” by itself is completely different. The expansion from erotic to eros based on a true heartfelt connection is what provides that platform for the real experience of ecstasy together.

Couples who learn how to align to this natural process of innocent and spontaneous LoveMaking, they tend to make love more often. Not for having just “sex,” but as a way of connecting to each other more deeply. And in the process, enlivening within themselves these most fulfilling and nourishing alive, intimate energies.

This is the joys of an intimate relationship!

Learn all about these important dynamics and how you can restore your innocence in making real love. This book will systematically show each of you how!

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Natural LoveMaking
138 pages, (e-book) Instant Download — $7.95

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