Discovery 6: Your Personal Road Map to Wholeness

This Provides You
Your Personal ‘Road Map’

– Your Path to Wholeness

The Inner & Spiritual Enneagram provide each of you with your own individual Road Map of what you specifically need to do to become a more wholesome person. And to feel closer together.

Without these awarenesses and skills how are people expected to become aware of or see what they need to do in their personality to be more wholesome, or get along together? After all, everything they do, all of their reactions, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs make complete sense to them in their world. That is why they will argue for them or defend themselves. And it is why they do not tend to change, no matter how many times you have told them!

This is the Sixth Dynamic that became clear in sessions with couples. This is what can determine the success of your relationship. Without this individualized blueprint that relates specifically to you in your personality, partners are left to fend for themselves. Which can mean they stay stuck in their rigid patterns and gripped by their inner pressures and needs.

Again, the specificity of these patterns in their personality outlined in the Inner Enneagram come from the couples themselves. As you can well imagine, the person in the relationship who readily recognizes the imbalances in you – is your partner. Just as you see theirs! When you live with someone day in and day out, their gifts as well as their imbalances stand out. Especially when they clash with your own!

This is the value of having The Conscious Person book series. It lays it all out objectively and simply so that it these dynamics that are playing out are easy to recognize. After all, what we are all up against is the human condition. We are saddled with inner insecurities that generate imbalances. Just as we are with our physical health issues.

But we need a way out. We each need to discover individually what we need to do to become healthier. So that we don’t necessarily suffer. Or cause others to suffer — like our partner, and our kids.

You, your partner, and each of your kid’s personal Road Map is fully laid out in the companion volume, Volume II, The Nine Profiles of the Inner & Spiritual Enneagram. It provides you with a comprehensive review of each of the personality types.

More importantly, each of the profiles ends with a final section that describes what individuals of each Enneagram type came to realize they specifically need to do to become a more wholesome person. Within themselves. And in their relationship.

Couples can find that this approach is a more positive approach to solving their personal and interpersonal problems. Thank heavens there is a Road Map that can free of your inner pressures. And that the process is designed to be empowering, not disempowering. You can tell, for it will hit home.

Ignorance is not bliss here in our human condition. Knowledge is power. Here it can help to free each of you. From this process, you are simply benefiting from the wisdom from all of those who have gone before you.

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