Discovery 5: New Conscious Skills and Tools

Learning the Skills and Tools

For Sustaining & Deepening a Conscious Relationship

This new wisdom based on the Spiritual and Inner Enneagram generated a new and revolutionary shift in how we now approach and process our differences and emotionally charged issues together. This is the Fifth Discovery that the couples made possible.

As couples began to gain more sophistication of self-awareness and understanding of each other, they became more sensitive and responsive to each other’s world. And when they did unwittingly trigger each other, they each began to see immediately the true source of those tensions are within themselves.

A new framework emerged with a new set of tools that enabled partners to immediately go inward when tensions emerged. Instead of blaming or taking those tensions out onto others, these simple frameworks enabled each of them to explore and safely resolve the underlying issues that were naturally become triggered.

The safety this generated in the relationship changes everything. It enables partners to open up more and more together. They find themselves sharing more vulnerably together, which deepens their connection. So in this easily learned process, differences, tensions, and conflicts that emerge become a safe and poignant opportunity for growth and healing together, instead of arguing and pulling away.

As a result of these tools, couples formed a conscious alliance to safely work through issues together when they emerge. The relationship became more than just a pact for enlivening each other’s love and meeting each other’s needs. It also became a primary means for their individual growth and healing together.

“I highly recommend Chris to help couples learn what they are misunderstanding and over-reacting to in their mates’ communications. His approach is immediately effective and amazingly helpful. At same time, he is open, caring and supportive as we work through some very hard challenges trying to sort out our own issues from those we have as a couple.” – Lynn S.

With the experience of these awarenesses and tools, couples were able to re-establish their natural goodwill together. Enough to focus on generating what nourishes each other — appreciations, meaningful time together, more fun, romance, and natural lovemaking.

So now the relationship is used to inspire, fortify, and support each other to sustain the light of pure consciousness. Within their selves. And in their relationship together.

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