The Ways You Can Gain These Awarenesses & Skills

Ways You Can Develop
These Self-Awarenesses & Tools

Telephone and Skype Sessions

In teaching these awarenesses and tools for close to thirty years, I offer telephone and Skype psycho-educational sessions to non-local couples and individuals. In these sessions partners find that they quickly gain these awareness and learn the tools and skills for resolving their differences and aligning to each other’s core needs.

The advantage of live coaching sessions is that the focus is on your specific needs and issues. And the skills and tools are tailored to your individual strengths and sensitivities.

Note that these sessions are not psychotherapy. I do not practice psychotherapy over the telephone or on Skype. The sessions are educational in format so that partners can learn these awarenesses and skills together or as individuals. I am available weekdays, select evenings and on Saturdays.

Face to Face Sessions in McLean, Virginia

For those local to the Washington, DC area, I offer sessions in my office in McLean, Virginia, just over the Chain Bridge into Northwest DC. I am licensed in Virginia as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I am available on weekdays, select evenings and on Saturdays.

“When my husband and I started seeing Chris, we had reached an all time low in our marriage and the only thing we knew with any certainty is that we loved each other and wanted to salvage what was left of our relationship.

Almost immediately after we started weekly sessions with him we began to have a better understanding of one another’s needs and how to communicate more effectively. Our relationship is better than it has ever been and we have Chris to thank for that. He’s very intuitive and makes you feel so at ease that you can tell him anything.” Atena M.

Read All About Yourself
(And Also About Everyone You Know!)

And Learn How to Develop a Conscious Relationship

Fortunately, individuals and couples can gain these awarenesses in my book series offered on this website. The books are currently being prepared for publication, however you can purchase the pre-publication edition now as a PDF document.

Note that you can download a free sample of each book to review.